How to Connect Netgear Mesh Extender to Asus Router?

Is the existing network of the Asus router insufficient to reach some parts of your home? You can get reliable and expanded WiFi using the Netgear mesh extender. It helps you expand the existing network coverage in your home thereby getting rid of WiFi dead zones. Connect the mesh extender to the host router and get WiFi signals even in hard-to-reach areas of the home.

In this blog post, we will help you learn how to connect Netgear mesh extender to Asus router. Connect the devices and complete the Netgear WiFi extender setup and enjoy seamless internet access.

Let’s Connect Netgear Mesh Extender to Asus Router

A mesh extender has two jobs to complete. It acts as a client device to the main router and then acts as an Access point for other devices to connect. Simply put, it works as a bridge between the WiFi router and the devices that are outside the range of the router.

This section will walk you through the instructions about two different methods for how to connect Netgear mesh extender to Asus router.

1. Using Web Interface

This method involves you using the IP or web URL of the Netgear extender to access the web interface and then complete the connection between the two devices. Here are the steps that you should use:

  • Begin the process by placing the mesh extender in the same room as that the router.
  • Asus router’s proximity to the mesh extender is needed only during the initial connection.
  • Later on, the extender has to be placed near WiFi dead spots.
  • Apply power to the router first. Let it completely boot up.
  • Later, power on the WiFi mesh extender and let it fully power on.
  • Connect your computer to the extender’s network now. Connect to Netgear_EXT, which is the default network name of the extender.
  • Run an internet browser now and use to reach the Netgear extender setup page.
  • Follow the setup prompts that appear on the screen of your computer or laptop.

This completes the connection between the Netgear mesh extender and the host router using the web URL or IP

2. WPS Connection

Here you simply use the WPS buttons on both devices to connect them. Use these steps to connect Netgear mesh extender and Asus router:

  • Commence the process by placing the Netgear mesh WiFi extender and Asus router close to each other.
  • Apply power to both devices now and wait until they are fully booted up.
  • Press the WPS button on the extender until its WPD LED blinks.
  • Within two minutes, push the WPS button on the router.
  • The WPS LED should light up once the connection is established.

This is how to connect Netgear mesh extender to Asus router using the WPS buttons on both devices.

Note: Let us tell you that you can also use the Nighthawk app to complete the connection and extender setup. You should install the mobile app and connect your phone to the extender’s network and follow the setup prompts on the app.

Do This Now!

Once you have connected the two devices, you should place the extender away from the router so it extends the existing network signals from the router.

  • Unplug your Netgear mesh extender from its current location and place it halfway between the Asus router and the area with no or poor internet signals.
  • Plug it in and power it up.
  • The Router Link LED on the extender will help you choose an optimum location for it. A white light on this LED indicates a good connection between the devices.
  • In case this LED is red or amber, then this means the connection is not good.
  • If it does not lit in white color, then move the extender close to the router and then check the connection.

The Netgear mesh extender is now ready to be used to increase the network coverage of the router. Get the client devices in your home connected to its network.

The Final Thoughts

After the setup of the Netgear mesh extender is completed, you can enable One WiFi Name feature by accessing the settings using IP or URL mywifiext.local. This will allow the extender to use the same network name as that the router. Your extender and router will make a virtual WiFi mesh network this way. You also have the option to disable this feature. The router and extender will have different SSIDs this way.

This is all about how to connect Netgear mesh extender to Asus router. We are hoping that you have rid yourself of the WiFi dead spots in the home.

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