My WiFi Extender won’t Connect to Air Conditioner. Help!

Technological advancement has taken us to a different world. Now, we have smart and automated devices that can be connected to WiFi and you can set up schedules to carry out a particular function. Even air conditioners these days are WiFi operated. But, you cannot take benefit of this advantage if your WiFi extender won’t connect to air conditioner. Given in this post are the techniques that you must follow to resolve the problem.

Check WiFi Connectivity on Extender First

The first thing that we suggest you check if your WiFi extender won’t connect to an air conditioner is to verify if the problem is with the AC or you can’t connect any device to the extender. If the problem is with every device, then we recommend you power cycle the extender. You just need to power it down by unplugging it from the power socket and wait for some time before plugging it back in. You can also check the connection between your extender and the main router just to be sure about internet connectivity.

Fixed: WiFi Extender won’t Connect to Air Conditioner

If the problem is with the connection between an AC and WiFi extender, you can check out the hacks given below to fix it. To make the troubleshooting process easy-to-understand, we have taken the example of users who have performed Netgear WiFi Extender Setup.

1. Disconnect a Few Devices from Extender

There are chances that so many WiFi devices are connected to the Netgear extender network that there’s no room left for your AC to connect to. Therefore, we suggest you disconnect one or two devices connected to your extender’s WiFi and try connecting your air conditioner.

2. Use the Correct Password in the AC App

Air conditioners can be connected to WiFi using dedicated mobile applications. Therefore, it is very important to use the correct WiFi password of the extender while connecting an AC to its network. Be sure that you choose the correct network. And yes, be sure that your mobile phone is connected to the network of Netgear extender during the initial connection.

3. Upgrade the Firmware

Open the dedicated mobile app of your air conditioner and see if there is any firmware update available for your air conditioner. Update the AC firmware if any update is available. The same thing is applicable to your Netgear extender. You should access and see if your Netgear extender’s firmware needs to be updated. You can also choose to upload a particular firmware version on your Netgear extender.

Upgrade the Firmware

4. Remove WiFi Interference

Since both devices are communicating via wireless signals, it is important that there lies no signal interference between their paths of communication. First of all, your AC must not be present too far from the range extender. Secondly, you should ensure that neither your air conditioner nor your Netgear WiFi range extender is placed near devices emitting electromagnetic waves, objects containing a large amount of water, or reflexive surfaces. WiFi signals get disturbed by them and connectivity issues arise.

5. Restart Your Air Conditioner

Restarting the air conditioner can also help you out in order to resolve this problem. For that, you can simply use the app or the remote control of the air conditioner. If you want to go for a hard reboot, you have to switch off the power supply to the air conditioner from the main switch and switch it on after a few moments.

The Conclusion

The air conditioner’s integration with a WiFi range extender is a good way to turn your ordinary home into a smart one. The reason being, everything can be managed easily using your mobile phone. We hope that after applying the troubleshooting solutions provided here you won’t complaint anymore that your WiFi extender won’t connect to air conditioner.

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