Netgear Privacy Warning while Connecting to WiFi [Fixed]

Internet users across the world have incorporated a Netgear extender in their homes to access a lag-free WiFi. Performing Netgear WiFi extender setup allows them to use internet on their multiple devices even at larger distances. But, these days, users owning iOS devices are complaining that they get the privacy warning message displayed under the SSID of their Netgear extenders on the network list. What does this Netgear privacy warning mean and how to fix it? Let us discuss.

Why are You Getting Netgear Privacy Warning on iPhone?

The privacy warning message under the Netgear extender network name is a sign that MAC randomization is disabled on your iPhone. It has nothing to do with the WiFi extender. Moreover, this problem often shows up while using the router’s network.

Just in case you don’t know what MAC randomization is, then it a process that conceals the original MAC address of your iPhone. You must know that every networking device has a MAC address using which it is possible to trace the location and many other details of the device. This is for your general information that the MAC address of Netgear extender is given on its label.

What Can be Done If You Get Netgear Privacy Warning?

Getting back to the MAC address randomization, keep in mind that it prevents the data of your iPhone or other devices from getting tracked by unauthorized people who we know as hackers. This is the agenda of Apple to protect the person’s privacy and data. This feature comes enabled by default. However, the MAC addresses of iOS devices fall back to the original ones under various circumstances. Therefore, it is suggested that you take some steps that are mentioned below:

1. Set a Unique SSID

Your Netgear extender must have a unique SSID. Doing this is a great way to avoid getting the privacy warning error message. You must know that the SSID is a unique Service Set Identifier for the Netgear extender which helps a person to identify its network on the WiFi list. It is never a good idea to run the extender on the default network name i.e. Netgear_EXT. Thus, you should access mywifiext.local on your iPhone immediately and change the Netgear extender SSID via the web GUI. You can also do this with the help of the Nighthawk app.

2. Enable Private IP Address

Another good thing that can help you fix this error is to turn on the Private address. You can do that by accessing the Settings of your iPhone. Once you open the Settings of your phone, tap WiFi and select the Info icon next to the Netgear extender network name. This will open the network settings. Move to the Private WiFi Address and toggle the button to the ON position. Rejoin the Netgear extender network and see if you are still getting the Netgear Privacy warning.


3. Enable Airplane Mode and Turn It Off

You can also try turning on the Airplane mode on your iPhone to resolve the error. After keeping the Airplane mode on for a few seconds, turn it off. Thereafter, you have to open the network list and connect to the Netgear extender WiFi. The privacy warning error might have bid farewell. Now, you are all set to enjoy WiFi on your iPhone. Moreover, doors to access and managing the extender settings are also open for you.

Other Netgear Privacy Warnings

Apart from privacy warning related to Netgear WiFi network, users get problems accessing web GUIs of their routers and access points via and respectively. In that scenario, they are suggested to proceed to the website and get the certificate for the same. The process does not require much time.

In Conclusion

Now that we are about to wrap up the post, you might have understood that Netgear privacy warning is just a message from iPhone. You can easily fix it if you change the SSID of the extender and change some of the iPhone settings. However, if the error still troubles you, you should forget the network and rejoin it after that. This will certainly resolve the issue for you.

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