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How to Do Netgear DST6501 Setup and Update its Firmware?

Netgear DST6501 is an add-on adapter that can be used to expand DST networks with the help of electrical wirings. Currently, it works better with Nighthawk R7300 router and you can add up to 16 DST adapters in your house to improve the internet coverage. This blog will tell you about the setup and firmware […]

Why is My WiFi Extender Not Giving Full Speed? Help!

The WiFi extender not giving full speed is a concern for many. When a user installs a WiFi extender, his/her main aim is to access a lag-free internet connection at higher speed. But, if the extender does not fulfill the desired purpose, it can be disappointing. Considering the same situation, this blog has been penned […]

WiFi Lagging? Try the Ultimate Tips to Speed Up Your Internet

Many users may notice that their WiFi has gotten sluggish over time. It can take longer to download a file and be a frustrating experience to stream a web series. WiFi lagging issues can happen for several reasons such as connecting a hoard of devices to your network or placing the router at a bad […]

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