Why is My WiFi Extender Not Giving Full Speed? Help!

The WiFi extender not giving full speed is a concern for many. When a user installs a WiFi extender, his/her main aim is to access a lag-free internet connection at higher speed. But, if the extender does not fulfill the desired purpose, it can be disappointing. Considering the same situation, this blog has been penned down that will discuss the reasons due to which a range extender fails to deliver full speed.

Reasons: WiFi Extender Not Giving Full Speed

This is to inform you that we have taken an example of a Netgear extender here for better understanding of the concept. Thus, use the information given below as it is if you have performed Netgear WiFi extender setup. However, if you own some other range extender, there will be a little difference in menus only.

1. Your Extender is Placed Poorly

When we talk about the placement of a range extender, a lot of factors come into play. We have mentioned them below for you:

  • Surrounding: If the extender is surrounded by WiFi interference creating factors, then you cannot expect it to work at its full potential. This is because the WiFi signals will get blocked or distorted.
  • Distance from Router: The extender’s distance from the router matters a lot. If both devices are placed too far they won’t be able to communicate properly. Hence, WiFi speed will fluctuate every now and then.

What is WiFi Interference?

Any interruption in the path of WiFi signals of a range extender is called WiFi interference. It impacts the extender’s performance a lot and can be caused by heavy electrical appliances, reflexive surfaces, objects containing a large amount of water, thick walls, and ceilings.

2. You Haven’t Updated the Extender’s Firmware

Updating the extender’s firmware via the IP is important as it equips the range extender with the latest features. These latest features not only improve the performance of the extender but also make it compatible with contemporary devices. IP

3. The LAN Cable Connection is Weak

If you have connected your Netgear extender and the main router using an Ethernet cable, then its damaged physical status can be the reason why your WiFi extender is not giving full speed. There is also a possibility that the connection between your devices is weak.

So, these were the topmost reasons due to which a WiFi extender fails to perform up to its full potential. Let us now find out how you can improve the WiFi extender speed.

Solutions: WiFi Extender Not Giving Full Speed

The extender might deliver slower speeds if the network traffic is heavy. Thus, always connect those devices that actually require an internet connection. Apart from this, perform a power cycle of the range extender once or twice a week to improve its efficiency.

  • Change the location of your extender and ensure that you do not place it near WiFi interference-creating devices. Also, ensure that its distance from the router is not more than 8-10 ft.
  • Access the web GUI of the Netgear extender and install the latest firmware version. Just be certain that the firmware file uploaded by you is correct i.e. it is matching the model number of your extender.
  • Always make the extender-router connection using a non-damaged Ethernet cable if you plan to do so. You also have to take care that the cable is connected to the correct ports of your Netgear range extender (Internet port) and the router (LAN port 1).

After implementing the above-given tips you will be able to enhance the WiFi extender speed. Otherwise, you are suggested to go for a Netgear WiFi extender reset that will give you an option to set up the extender from scratch eliminating all major and minor issues.

The Conclusion

The WiFi extender slow speed can impact the home network performance a lot. But, with the help of the given tips, you will be able to fix the problem and extract the best output from your WiFi range extender.

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