Netgear Powerline 1200 Extender Setup and Firmware Update

Netgear has never failed to impress its users with an outstanding range of networking devices. Be it a WiFi router or range extender, every device brought in by Netgear is working wonders in the digital realm. And, then come powerline extenders or adapters. When on the one hand, wireless range extenders provide internet access via Netgear_ext, Powerline adapters serve the purpose of extending the network range through electrical wiring present in the house. Although all Netgear Powerline extenders are wonderful, this blog highlights everything you need to know about Netgear Powerline 1200 adapters.

Netgear PLP1200 Lights, Buttons, and Manual

The hardware of this amazing networking device consists of two adapters that have various buttons and LED lights present on them. Here is the description regarding the LED lights and buttons of powerline adapters:

Power LED: The Power LED reveals whether the adapter is getting a stable power supply or not. If it is GREEN, it can be concluded that the extender is POWERED ON. In case the Power LED is AMBER, then know that the device is working in POWER SAVING MODE. The GREEN color of this LED light indicates that the SECURITY SETUP PROCESS IS IN PROGRESS. If the light is OFF, it represents NO POWER.

Ethernet LED: It reveals if the Ethernet port of the Powerline adapter is in use or not. The SOLID GREEN color of the Ethernet light is a sign that the ETHERNET PORT IS LINKED. In case the LED is OFF, NO ETHERNET CONNECTION is there.

Pick A Plug LED: The third LED light present on the Netgear Powerline 1200 adapter is the Pick A Plug LED. It helps you pick the socket having the STRONGEST LINK PERFORMANCE. The color RED indicates the link rate speed less than 50MBPS, whereas the AMBER color means that the speed lies between 50-80MBPS. On the other hand, if the LED is GREEN, the link rate speed is 80MBPS. You can pick the respective outlet to power up the second adapter.

Security Button: The Security button helps the user to CREATE A SECURE POWERLINE NETWORK.

Ethernet Port: The port will help you connect those client devices that support wired connections. Some examples are WiFi routers, game consoles, computers, etc.

From this section, you might have gotten a clear picture of the hardware of the Netgear PLP1200 adapter. Now, it is time to learn about the setup process of the Powerline adapter. Once you complete the process, you will even be able to set up a wireless range extender by accessing mywifiext.local without actually connecting the router and extender.

How to Set Up Netgear Powerline 1200 Extender?

Here are the steps that you need to follow to set up your Netgear Powerline adapters and extend the network through electrical wiring:

Step 1: Connect the First Adapter

First of all, connect any of your Powerline adapters to a working power outlet and switch it on. After that, connect it to the main router through a functional Ethernet cable. The cable must run through the LAN 1 port of your router to the Ethernet port of your first powerline extender.

Step 2: Connect the Second Adapter

The next step is to power up the second Powerline extender after connecting to an electrical outlet that lies somewhere close to the first adapter. Notice the color of the Pick A Plug LED. Is it GREEN or AMBER? If yes, then let the adapter stay connected to the socket. Otherwise, get nearer to the first Netgear PLP1200 extender. Keep in mind that, if the second adapter is not within the wired network range of the first one, you might face issues during Netgear extender setup via

Step 3: Create a Secure Network

Now, the last and final step involved in the setup process of a Netgear Powerline 1200 extender is the creation of a secure network. Therefore, locate the SECURITY BUTTON on the first adapter and press it for 2 seconds. After that, press the same button on the other adapter for the same time frame. However, the second button must be pressed within 2 minutes.

“Do not press the Security button on the Powerline adapter until it is not communicating with the second one. Know that pressing this button too early can temporarily disable Powerline communication. If that happens, then feel free to factory reset your Powerline adapter by pressing the button with the same label.”

Netgear Powerline 1200 Firmware Update

Every networking device runs on software called firmware. Users can upgrade their Netgear extender by visiting the mywifiext admin page. However, the powerline adapter does not support a web upgrade to date. In case a new firmware is available for PLP1200, you can find it on the official website of Netgear.

Summing Up

That’s all you need to know about Netgear Powerline 1200 extender. We hope that you will be able to install your networking device with the help of the information provided here. Now, all you need to do is connect your wired client devices to the Powerline adapter using an Ethernet cable.

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