WiFi Lagging? Try the Ultimate Tips to Speed Up Your Internet

Many users may notice that their WiFi has gotten sluggish over time. It can take longer to download a file and be a frustrating experience to stream a web series. WiFi lagging issues can happen for several reasons such as connecting a hoard of devices to your network or placing the router at a bad location.

There are many ways to counteract the WiFi lagging process. Here are the simple yet effective tips to make your WiFi faster again and enjoy lag-free internet.

Tips to Fix WiFi Lagging Issues

Shift the Location of Your Router:

Not all areas are equally suitable for the placement of a WiFi router. You need to avoid placing your WiFi near to appliances that emit radio waves and lead to WiFi interference. Moreover, the place you selected for your WiFi must not be in a corner or inside a cabinet.

Remove Unnecessary Connected Devices:

You can give a number of devices access to your WiFi in order to use the internet on all of them. But, whether you really need internet access on all your devices? If not, head to your WiFi settings and disable access to the devices which are currently not in use.

Change Your Default Password:

Manufacturers offer access to default username and password for making it easy for users to make their WiFi device up and running. But, if after completing the set up of your WiFi router, you hardly bother to change your WiFi password, it can lead to unauthorized access and result in WiFi lagging. Thus, to fix the issue as well as secure your WiFi, change the default credentials of your device to something hard-to-crack.

Get an Extender:

Though an extender carries many names like WiFi booster or repeater, the sole purpose of the device is to extend signals coming from your WiFi to all areas of your home. Before investing in an extender, it is necessary to consider the brand. For people having the least knowledge on WiFi devices and their brands, it is recommended to go with Netgear extenders. Best of all, you can set up a Netgear WiFi extender with the press of a button by simply accessing the default web address mywifiext.net.

Don’t Forget to Power Cycle:

The tried and tested advice! Sometimes, a simple reboot is enough to speed up your internet. To initiate the process, just unplug your router from its power plug. When you again plugin the device, the memory of your WiFi router will be cleared and it will be able to install updates. If after the reboot process, your WiFi device starts installing an update, you are advised to not interrupt the process.

To Sum Up!

What steps you have taken to speed up your internet? Whether only a shift of location fixes the issue for you or Netgear extender setup helped you in making your WiFi super fast, share your experience with us. If the WiFi lagging problem is still making you bother, feel free to get in touch with our expert professionals for quick assistance.

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