Top Reasons Why is Netgear Extender Unable to Join Network

Netgear extender acts as a bridge between the router and the client device when it comes to receiving and extending the WiFi signals. However, in case this bridge does not get made, then connecting to the internet via Netgear_ext will become next to impossible. Is your Netgear extender unable to join network? It could be due to these reasons:

  • The range extender is not kept within the range of the host router. Chances are that you have kept both the devices in two separate corners of the house.
  • You have placed the extender near a thick concrete wall, due to which the signals are getting blocked and the connection is unable to get formed.
  • Too many devices are already accessing the network of your host router due to which there is no space for the extender to connect.
  • It has been long since you last upgraded the firmware of your networking device or host router to the latest version.
  • The last reason why you cannot the extender to the network is because the Ethernet cable in use is not in a good condition.

Read the troubleshooting methods given in the following section and learn how the issue in discussion can be resolved in a hassle-free manner.

How to Make Netgear Extender Join Network?

1. Bring the Extender Closer to the Host

For you to access the internet on your client device, the signal between the range extender and the host router is supposed to be strong. This is only possible if the distance between them is good. This means that it should neither be too less nor too much. The reason being, too much distance can lead to no signal transmission and too less of it can force the signals to clash. Once you have done this, see if you can fix the issue in debate.

2. Change the Placement of the Extender

As mentioned before, concrete walls hold the capability to block the signals emitted from the router and prevent them from reaching the extender. To ensure that you can connect extender to the network in a hassle-free manner, it is recommended that you change the placement of your networking device. Also, keep it away from cordless phones, washing machines, baby monitors, treadmills, microwave ovens, and televisions.

Change the Placement

3. Disconnect All the Extra Devices Next

The third thing that can be done from your end to resolve the unable to connect Netgear extender to the network issue is to disconnect all the extra devices connected to the WiFi network of the host router. After you have disconnected the devices, reboot the router and then attempt to connect the extender to its network. We are expecting that this time you get luck in pairing up the networking devices successfully.

4. Upgrade Software of the WiFi Device

In case it has been way too long since you last updated the firmware of your router, now is the time that you do. Walk through the procedure outlined in the manual of the router in use to go about the process. After the process finishes, connect the extender and host router. Once done, update the firmware of the extender via too to gain access to an enhanced performance and the latest security features.

5. Use a New Cable to Link the Devices

Many times, users ignore the importance of connecting the networking devices using a damage-free Ethernet cable. Chances are that the same mistake has been made by you. But, you can rectify it right now by using a new cable to pair up the Netgear extender to the host device. See to it that the new connection which you are establishing is not loose. Otherwise, it will cause more technical issues for you.

Still Netgear Extender Unable to Join Network?

Considering this section is being read by you, it means that still Netgear extender unable to join network issue is troubling you. To resolve it once and for all, you ought to reset or restore your networking device to the default factory settings. Once the process comes to an end, you need to set up the extender from scratch, using the Netgear Nighthawk app. Take our advice and do not rush through the process. Take it slow to achieve success.

reset netgear

The Bottom Line

We are ending the guide talking about the top solutions to resolve the Netgear extender unable to join network issue. Now, you will surely be able to connect the ext When you get success, connect the client device to the network of the extender with a wired or wireless source, and then, enjoy a seamless internet connection. ender to the host device with ease.

For your information, you can connect as many client devices as you want to the WiFi network of the Netgear wireless range extender as now speed will not be an issue.

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