How to Connect WiFi Extender to Linksys Router?

If you are finding it difficult to connect WiFi extender to Linksys router, you can rely on the information given in this post. The first method that you can use to connect your WiFi devices via phone is to use a mobile app. Since we are going to take the example of a Netgear extender here you have to use the Nighthawk app.

Just install the app on your mobile phone and follow the instructions appearing on the screen after that. But, you cannot connect all Netgear extender models to router via app. In that case, you have to use the WPS method or the Manual method. What are these methods? Let’s find out!

Connecting WiFi Extender to Linksys Router

Reset the WiFi Extender First

Before you begin, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that an already configured extender cannot be connected to the router. Thus, you have to go for Netgear WiFi extender reset before everything else. The process is not complicated. You only have to push the extender’s Reset button for 7 seconds using a pin. Thereafter, you can use the following approaches for connecting your devices.

Manual Method to Connect Extender and Router

Here are the steps that need to be followed carefully in order to connect your Netgear range extender and the Linksys router. But, before that, we recommend powering down the Linksys router and keeping the Netgear extender in the same room.

  • Connect an Ethernet cable to the LAN port 1 of your Linksys router.
  • Join other end of the cable to the WAN port of your Netgear extender.
  • Thereafter, switch on the router and then the range extender.
  • Once done, connect your computer to the Netgear_Ext WiFi network using the default WiFi password.


  • Load an internet browser and go to the New Extender setup page by accessing
  • Agree to the terms and conditions of using the extender.

Note: In case does not work for you, try using the default IP address. If that too fails to work, you should log in to the Linksys router and check the IP address given to the Netgear extender. Use that IP to reach the dashboard of your extender.

  • Now, your Netgear extender will scan the networks.
  • Look for the Linksys router WiFi name and select it.
  • This will prompt you to input the Linksys router WiFi password.
  • Enter the password and set 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WiFi SSID and password.
  • Follow the prompts to complete the WiFi extender setup with Linksys router.

In this manner, you can connect Netgear WiFi extender to Linksys router manually. Now, it is time to learn how to use the WPS method for connection.

Connecting WiFi Extender to Linksys Router via WPS

The steps given below will help you connect the WiFi extender and router with the help of the WPS method:

  • Keep the Linksys router and extender in the same room.
  • Switch on both the devices.
  • Locate the Netgear extender’s WPS button and press it.
  • Within 2 minutes, press the WPS button on your Linksys router.
  • To configure the 5 GHz WiFi, press WPS buttons on your devices again.
  • The Netgear extender is connected to the Linksys router.

In this way, you can connect your Netgear extender to the Linksys WiFi router without accessing mywifiext i.e. via the WPS method. No matter whether you use WPS or manual method, you need to update the extender’s firmware. Check the next section to learn how.

How to Update Extender Firmware after Connecting to Internet?

  • Ensure that your extender is turned on.
  • Go to on a computer hardwired to Netgear extender.
  • Log in using the password you specified during the installation.
  • Find the Firmware Update option under Administration and select Check Now.
  • The extender will check for the available updates.
  • If a new firmware is available, follow the on-screen instructions to install it on the extender.

Your extender will reboot once the firmware gets updated. But, know that you have mywifiext.local URL in case you are using a Mac device to update the firmware.

The Final Words

The process to connect WiFi extender to Linksys router is not a big deal. You can use any of the given methods to connect your devices. Hopefully, you will be able to extend the Linksys router WiFi with the help of a Netgear extender using given steps.

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