How to Enable Netgear Extender FastLane Technology?

First of all, you must pat yourself on your back. Google has displayed the top results for you and you have clicked on one of the best blogs. Here, you will get information on what is Netgear extender FastLane technology and how to enable it.

What is Netgear Extender FastLane Technology?

The technology introduced by Netgear is simply awesome. It offers:

  • Maximum WiFi performance
  • High-speed internet
  • Two dedicated bands connecting your Netgear extender, router, and your wired/wireless devices

Note: To know about the technology, get in touch with our professionals right away.

Netgear extender FastLane technology is ideal for HD video streaming, online gaming, etc. So, without thinking much, take the plunge to enable it. For instructions, scroll down a little.

Enable Netgear extender FastLane Technology

Follow the instructions mentioned in exact order to get success:

Step1: First things first, turn on your WiFi router and also connect it to the Netgear extender using an Ethernet cable. Do not use a wireless source for the same.

Step2: Plug your Netgear WiFi extender into a working wall outlet and turn it on.

Step 3: Turn on a client device like PC or laptop, open a web browser as well as in its address bar enter

Step4: Press Enter to get redirected to the login window of your Netgear device.

Step5: Type the username and password of your Netgear extender as well as click Log In.

Step6: Select the Internet Surfing radio button (if not selected automatically).

Step7: Click on the Fastlane Technology radio button and select the option you want to enable. For instance, if your WiFi devices support the 5 GHz band, select the first option, i.e. “device-to-extender in 5 GHz and extender-to-router in 2.4 GHz. And, if your existing router supports the 5 GHz band, then “device-to-extender in 2.4 GHz band and extender-to-router in 5 GHz band will be selected.

Step 8: Once you are done, click Apply to save the settings.

Note: If you get disconnected somehow from your WiFi, then get reconnected right away. Don’t worry! This type of issue mostly appears while enabling Netgear extender FastLane technology.

Can’t Enable Netgear Extender FastLane Technology?

By any chance, if you get issues while enabling the Fastlane technology on your Netgear device, then here are the fixes to be followed:

Fix1: Make sure that your Netgear extender and router and properly connected and get continuous power supply from their respective wall outlets.

Fix2: Your client device must consist of an up-to-date software version.

Fix3: There must not be any typos in And, the IP is also supposed to be entered in the URL bar only.

Fix 4: Netgear extender login details used by you must be correct. If they are default, then you can see the extender manual for the same. Just in case, you have changed the Netgear extender login details and you have lost or forgotten them, then the only way to retrieve them is to reset it (the extender) back to factory default settings.

Once you are done resetting the device, perform the Netgear WiFi extender setup from the scratch.

So, you are done with setting up your device? Now, take the plunge to enable Netgear extender FastLane technology again using the instructions provided above.

In a Nutshell

Our blog on how to enable Netgear extender FastLane technology ends here. We hope that the instructions we have provided in this blog helped you enable the Fastlane technology on your Netgear device. In the event that they don’t prove helpful to you, then do not hesitate to contact our technical support team.

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