How to Get Netgear Powerline 1000 Mbps Speed?

To get Netgear Powerline 1000 Mbps speed throughout your house, there will be a need to configure the device first. Looking for how to configure Netgear Powerline 1000 device? Well, you have reached the exact destination. Here, we have provided the steps that will help you set up your Netgear Powerline device in minutes.

And, once you are done with the setup process, you will be the owner of Netgear Powerline 1000 Mbps speed. Read on!

Before we provide you instructions to configure your Netgear Powerline 1000 manually, let us make you aware of the LED lights on it.

Netgear Powerline 1000 Lights

Power LED

Solid green: The device is powered on.
Solid amber: The Powerline adapter is in power-saving mode.
Blinking green: The Netgear Powerline adapter is setting up security.
Off: The device is not receiving power.

Ethernet LED

Solid green: The Ethernet port is linked to a device.
Off: No Ethernet connection between any device is detected.

Pick A Plug LED

Red: Link rate < 50 Mbps (very good). Amber: Link rate > 50 and < 80 Mbps (better). Green: Link rate > 80 Mbps (the best).
Off: It means your device needs attention. The Powerline adapter did not find any other compatible Powerline device (the second adapter) using the same encryption key.

Factory Reset Button

Press the Factory Reset button for some time, and then release it to return the Powerline adapter to its factory default settings.

Ethernet port

TO use an Ethernet cable to connect your wired devices, including computers, laptops, WiFi routers, smart HDTV, Alexa devices, or game consoles to your Powerline network.

Security Button

Use the Security button on your device to create a secure Powerline network.

That’s it! Now, you can scroll down a little to know the configuration process of your Powerline adapters. Keep in mind, the installation of this adapter is only possible if you have performed the Netgear WiFi extender setup in your home first.

If not, then do the needful first and then proceed with the installation of adapters.

For installation of the Netgear WiFi extender, press the WPS button on it and then on your router.

Apart from this, installation of the Netgear WiFi extender can also be done using the instructions provided on the new extender setup page. Just use mywifiext.local or to reach there,

Netgear Powerline 1000 Setup

Here are the manual instructions to configure your Powerline device:

  • First things first, plug your Netgear Powerline adapter into a working wall socket. Do not plug the device into a power strip, surge suppressor, or extension cord. Plug the device directly into the wall outlet.
  • Once you are done with the above-mentioned step, connect the Powerline device and your router using an Ethernet cable.
  • The Pick A Plug LED on the Netgear Powerline 1000 will start blinking. Wait till it gets stable.
  • Now, power up the second adapter. Keep it within reach of the first adapter. Do not use an extension cord for it as well. Connect them using an Ethernet source.
  • If you are on this point, it means that you have successfully configured Netgear Powerline 1000 device. Congrats! You can now enjoy Netgear Powerline 1000 Mbps speed.

Wait! Don’t scroll away! Don’t you want to customize the Powerline’s network security? If yes, then just don’t stop reading.

Customize the Network Security

Are you setting up the network for the first time? If yes, then let us tell you that the setup uses a default encryption key, which is common to all adapters. You have to change this to prevent the device from hackers. Here are the instructions to be followed:

  • Wait until the Pick A Plug LEDs on your Powerline device become stable.
  • Press the Security button on one adapter. Hold on for some time.
  • Thereafter, press the Security button on the second adapter. Hold it for a few seconds.

Note: It is strictly recommended – do not press the Security button on the adapters until and unless the installation process is completed and the adapters are communicating with each other. If this button is pressed somehow, it can disable Powerline communication. And, if this issue persists, use the Factory Reset button to get it fixed. After resetting, you have to perform the Netgear Powerline 1000 setup process again.

What to do after the configuration process to get Netgear Powerline 1000 Mbps speed?

Press the WPS button on your adapters simultaneously. Once you are done, Log in to the Netgear device using IP and change the security settings as per preference.

Here’s to hope that after going through this blog you are getting Netgear Powerline 1000 Mbps speed. Please share your feedback!

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