WiFi Extender Can’t Connect with Smart TV [How to Fix]

Setting up a Netgear WiFi range extender in the house seems useless when you are unable to connect your devices to WiFi. In this post, we will try to address the situation when the WiFi extender can’t connect with smart TV. However, before doing anything else, we suggest you verify whether it is your TV only or every WiFi gadget present in your home is unable to access Netgear_ext.

Just in case all of your devices can’t connect to the Netgear extender, then power cycling can work like magic. Well, if you doubt the ability of the process, then let us tell you that rebooting is one of the finest hacks that help in getting rid of unexpected minor bugs that impact the performance of the device. Therefore, restart the range extender and see if your devices get successful in accessing the extender’s internet connection.

But, what if it is only your TV that is unable to get connected to the extender? In that scenario, walking through the hacks cited below is required. However, you must get familiar with the potential causes behind the problem that we are addressing. Keep reading.

WiFi Extender Can’t Connect with Smart TV [Why]

Here are the reasons why your WiFi extender is denying connection with your smart TV:

I. Incorrect WiFi Password

If you are unable to create a connection between your smart TV and the range extender, then there is a high possibility that you are using the wrong WiFi password. Perhaps, you are using the mywifiext.net login password to connect the TV to the extender’s WiFi.

II. Heavy Network Traffic

Chances are that too many devices are accessing the network of your wireless range extender due to which there is no window left for your TV to establish a connection. It can happen if you’ve set the network traffic limit on your Netgear range extender.

III. Too Much Signal Interference

The second reason your Netgear WiFi extender can’t connect with smart TV is the presence of interference-creating factors near the extender. Know that WiFi signals travel in the form of waves. If there are a lot of hindrances in the path of signals approaching your smart TV, connecting it to the WiFi extender will become a task next to impossible.

So, these were the potential causes due to which the connection between your WiFi devices may fail. Considering that you’ve walked through them carefully, let’s now focus on the hacks that can help you fix the situation easily.

WiFi Extender Can’t Connect with Smart TV [Fixes]

I. Use the Correct WiFi Password

Start troubleshooting the issue by re-entering the WiFi password of your range extender. It would be better if you enable the Show Password option. Doing so will help you avoid typing mistakes during the password entrée. In case your WiFi password has lowercase characters only, consider turning off the Caps Lock option.

II. Disconnect Other Devices

The next hack you can follow in an attempt to fix the WiFi extender not connecting with smart TV issue is to disconnect other devices accessing the network except your TV. We also suggest you visit mywifiext.net or mywifiext.local and increase the limit of devices that can access your extender’s WiFi network.

III. Remove WiFi Interference

If the path of the signals approaching your smart TV is filled with hindrances like mirrors, aquariums, Bluetooth speakers, baby monitors, and microwave ovens, then it is suggested that you remove some of them. The reason is, they can block or deviate the WiFi signals transmitted by your range extender thereby creating connection problems.

WiFi Extender Can’t Connect with Smart TV [Precautions]

After following the hacks provided in the previous section, you will be able to connect your smart TV to the Netgear extender. However, the outdated software of your smart TV can also create such problems. Thus, once the problem gets fixed, you are suggested to upgrade the software of your smart TV.

Just in case your WiFi extender can’t connect with smart TV even after giving a shot at the hacks given above, you must go for an Ethernet connection and upgrade the smart TV software after that. But, remember to use a non-damaged cable. Also, ensure that the Ethernet connection is finger-tight and the ports of your TV and extender are well working.

You must also ensure that your smart TV and range extender are running in the same time zone. For this, you can change your TV’s date and time settings to match the time zone. Simply, go to TV Settings, and select General System Manager. Thereafter, select Time > Clock and set the time, date, and time zone. However, these settings may vary according to the smart TV you own.

The Conclusion

That’s all about what to do if your Netgear WiFi extender can’t connect with smart TV. We hope that you’ll be able to fix the problem you are facing. However, such problems may arise with any device present in your home network. Therefore, to avoid connection issues, we recommend you upgrade the extender’s firmware by accessing the IP address.

But, keep in mind to upload the firmware file as per the model number of your extender. Besides, avoid interrupting the firmware update process.

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