How to Extend WiFi Range Outside [Pro Tips]

People tend to install modems and routers in their houses to fill every corner with a high-speed internet connection. However, there are times when the areas outside their houses remain untouched by the internet. That is why extending the WiFi range outside the home becomes one of the most tedious tasks. Some people consider doing it by setting up a Netgear extender via the IP address. But, they don’t know whether it is the right option or not. In case you are also wondering how to extend WiFi range outside the house, then walking through this post can be helpful for you.

Here, we will share a few tips that will not only help you improve the range of your existing WiFi but also have a huge impact on the internet speeds delivered. But, before starting, ensure that your existing networking device is running on the newest firmware version. Doing so will protect your router from security threats. Apart from this, your WiFi router will run on the features that are possessed by the latest networking devices.

Tips to Extend WiFi Range Outside House

1. Use an Outdoor Extender

Although extending the WiFi range outside the house does not require you to run cables or drill holes, still you may need to invest initially. Therefore, setting up a Netgear outdoor WiFi range extender can help you out. Orbi satellites are the only outdoor WiFi range extenders launched by Netgear. Thus, set it up firstly via Allow permissions to act as an extender and manage it via after that. This is to inform you that outdoor satellite is capable of tolerating adverse weather conditions due to which it can provide you a reliable internet connection every time.

2. Invest in a Mesh WiFi System

Another thing you can do to extend the WiFi range outside your house is to invest in a mesh WiFi system. Netgear being one of the top manufacturers is known for launching various mesh WiFi systems. Some examples are EAX15 WiFi 6 mesh extender, EAX12 4-stream WiFi 6 mesh extender, EAX20 dual-band WiFi 6 mesh extender, etc. The user is supposed to connect the mesh extender to the host gateway and configure it using mywifiext.local or However, the user needs to take care of the placement no matter whether the mesh system has one unit or more than that.

3. Use PowerLine Adapters

PowerLine adapters are one of the finest ways to extend the network range through cables. The user only needs to connect the first adapter to the main router and plug another one into a power socket that lies within the range of the first one. Thus, you have the liberty of connecting the PowerLine extender to a working socket that lies outside the house. Moreover, you can also perform Netgear WiFi extender setup without establishing a direct connection between the extender and router if you have installed a PowerLine adapter in the house. Although there are chances of a PowerLine extender getting overheated, still it is a reliable option when it comes to extending the WiFi coverage outside the house.

So, these were the most suitable options to consider if you want to extend WiFi coverage outside. However, if you are not ready to invest too much, you can take the help of the next section.

Additional Tips to Extend WiFi Range Outside

1. Opt for Cables, When Possible

Taking into account the fact that we are talking about improving the WiFi coverage outside the house, you might find it counterintuitive. However, using a cable is always the most reliable method when it comes to improving speeds and lowering latency. Therefore, you must use cable connections wherever possible. You can use a regular Cat 5 or Cat 6 cable if you want to use the internet provided by your existing device in the range of 328 feet.

2. Go with Outdoor Access Points

If you are interested in extending the WiFi range outdoors to your garden, pool, or garage, you can simply place the outdoor access points in the area where you want the WiFi connections. Almost all outdoor access points are weather resistant and deliver the same performance as expected by indoor access points. Thus, if you need great WiFi outdoors, spending some money on a Netgear access point will be worth it. You can manage it either using mynetgear account.

The Conclusion

Now, it is time to wrap up the post focused on tips to extend WiFi range outside the house. Here, you learned that various types of equipment can help you do that. However, you must invest in one that suits your requirements as well as your budget.

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