How to Find SSID of WiFi Range Extender?

SSID is short for Service Set Identifier. It is basically the name of your WiFi network. For instance, if you want to connect your mobile to the network of your extender, you need to open the list of WiFi networks and select the SSID of your extender. But, now the question arises, how to find SSID of WiFi range extender when it comes to connecting your client devices to it. Here this blog is going to help! In this how-to guide, we will walk you through various steps explaining how to find SSID of a Netgear WiFi range extender without any hassle.

How to Find SSID of WiFi

The character length of an SSID may vary, however there is no restriction for minimum characters. Usually, an SSID includes the name of the company and special characters, random numbers, or letters. For example, Netgear_ext is the SSID of Netgear extenders.

Although it is always a good idea to change or hide SSID of your extender after completing the mywifiext setup process, for non-techies – at times – it becomes a cumbersome take to find it.

This blog provides various troubleshooting tips on how to find SSID of WiFi range extender. Well, you may encounter the problem if your WiFi range extender is not broadcasting its SSID. Or, the problem may also occur if your WiFi range extender has not booted up in a successful manner.

Thus, to get rid of the issue, first reboot your extender by unplugging its power cable for some time. Once you feel that enough time has been given to your extender for reviving its performance, you can again plugin the device to its wall socket and try connecting it again.

Just in case you still can’t find the SSID of your extender, confirm whether your extender is broadcasting its network name or not.

Here’s How to Check Whether Your Extender is Broadcasting SSID

  • Make sure your extender is connected to your router and is receiving proper WiFi signals.
  • Once done, open a web browser on your device and type mywifiext web address in the address bar.

Note: If not working, try accessing the login page of your extender using the default IP.

  • Once you find yourself on the login page of your extender, enter the default username and password of your device into their respective fields.
  • Just in case you have changed the login details of your extender after configuring it, consider using the modified login details.
  • As soon as you hit the Log In option, you will complete the login process and land on the dashboard of your extender.
  • Now head towards the WiFi settings and confirm whether the Broadcast this Network Name option is enabled or not.
  • If not then check the option and hit Save for allowing the changes to come into effect.
  • Now, again head towards the WiFi settings of the device you want to connect to your extender and see if you can find SSID of your WiFi extender in the list appeared.

This time you may get success with the process of how to find SSID of WiFi range extender. Just in case you are in no luck, then it seems either the firmware of your extender is corrupted or your device is not receiving sufficient power supply from its power outlet.

Thus, update the firmware of your extender right away and change the wall socket into which your extender is currently plugged. This will help you fix the SSID not showing issue.


Our guide on how to find SSID of WiFi range extender ends here. Just in case you feel stuck at any step while executing the whole process, feel free to get in touch with our technical experts for quick assistance.

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