Is Netgear Tri Band Extender Worth It?

Netgear being a king in networking technology, has taken its networking devices to the next level. It uses cutting-edge technology to build various devices. To be the leader in the race, it has used Tri-band technology in the latest devices like routers, extenders, and mesh systems. Today we are going to talk about Netgear tri band extenders which are equipped with FastLane3 technology. In this article, you will get every piece of information about what tri-band technology is and why you should invest in a Netgear tri-band WiFi range extender.

What is Tri-Band WiFi?

A dual-band device supports two bands viz. 2.4 GHz and 5GHz, while a tri-band device supports 3 bands. It broadcasts a 2.4GHz band and two 5GHz bands. This additional bandwidth lets you access internet on multiple devices via your WiFi network while maintaining a strong and fast internet speed.

How Does Netgear Tri Band Extender Works?

Netgear WiFi range extenders have come a long way from low speed network and single band frequency to blazing-fast speed and triband WiFi technology. Netgear dual-band extenders used 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands and used 802.11ac technology. However, even the dual-band WiFi extenders also suffered from limitations. We will explain about it. A WiFi range extender receives the signal from the host router and then extends it further to various devices. The WiFi extender has to share the extender’s radio for connecting to the router as well as the accessing devices. This results in bandwidth sharing competition between the devices and router, thereby causing the devices to access lower than expected speeds.

To the rescue comes the FastLane3 technology that a Netgear tri band extender uses. A Netgear tri band extender uses advanced FastLane3 technology that employs a dedicated high-bandwidth link between the extender and the host router to develop the fastest wireless extender. That means one WiFi band is solely meant for communication between the Netgear tri band extender while the other two bands are dedicated to communication between the extender and accessing devices.

So if you are looking to improve the WiFi coverage and speed, then consider getting a Netgear tri band extender and simply get it installed by accessing the Netgear extender login page.

Does Netgear Tri Band Extender Need a Tri band Router?

This question would be roaming in your mind now for sure. Whether you need to replace your existing router with a tri band router if you are considering investing in a Netgear tri band extender. The answer is a simple No. Though a tri band extender works best with a tri band router, it also works with a dual band router. A tri-band extender automatically detects channel congestion on its link and distributes the bandwidth such that the network traffic is balanced between the router and extender.

Key Features of a Netgear Tri Band Extender

    • Smart Connect – This smart feature helps your device access the best available WiFi band of the extender.
    • Quad-core Processor- The Netgear extender is equipped with a quad-core processor that helps to boost its performance for better 4K online streaming and trouble-free online gaming etc.
    • MU-MIMO- Multi-user, multiple-input, multiple-output allows streaming the extender’s data to multiple devices. That means multiple devices can access a high-speed and lag-free extender’s network at the same time.
    • Brilliant Antenna Design- This helps to amplify the network range of the extender.
    • Single Network Name- A Netgear tri band extender uses the same network name as that of the host router. This allows the entire home network to have a single network name. That means when you move around the home, you don’t have to shift to a new network.
    • FastLane3 Technology- This helps to provide a-
      A dedicated WiFi link to ensure a stable and reliable connection between the host router and the extender.
      Triband WiFi to ensure that the WiFi network provides stable WiFi coverage and full network speeds.

Our Verdict

Now if you ask us whether or not to invest in a Netgear tri band extender, then we would say it totally depends on your network requirements. If you have a modern smart home with multiple smart devices that need a high-speed internet connection or simply the fastest internet speed, then definitely you should consider getting one. It is pretty easy to get a Netgear tri-band extender setup done at home. You just need to access the Netgear login page via and then follow the on-screen prompts.

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