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Worn out of your unstable wireless Internet connection? Gladly, we have a simple and effective solution today – Netgear Extender Mywifiext setup. It extends the coverage of your WiFi network and helps you with a good internet speed throughout the house.

What do we have in this Post:

  • What is a WiFi extender?
  • Why equip your home network with a Wireless extender?
  • How to correctly place a Netgear WiFi extender?
  • WiFi extender setup with WPS function.

What is a WiFi extender?

The WiFi extender is a small gadget that aims to extend the WiFi coverage of your router. To understand the concept, imagine a bubble, in the center of which is your home router. The WiFi signal, as we have seen, radiates 360 ° and within a range of 20 to 50 meters in theory. It is simple, the WiFi extender will capture the signal of this bubble, and create a new one.

A WiFi extender duplicates the signal it captures and reproduces it identically. It’s like a relay terminal. Often a WiFi extender is also called amplifier, which is incorrect. Because a WiFi extender does not amplify the signal. It does not increase the bandwidth or speed of the Internet connection. It is content to transmit the signal it receives to a larger range. But the signal quality remains the same. However, there can be often see a slight loss.

Why do you need to equip your home network with a WiFi extender?

When you go for Mywifiext – Netgear WiFi extender setup, you can connect to the Internet by WiFi without any interruptions. The WiFi signal radiates 360 ° around the extender and has a range of 20 meters to 50 meters indoors. Nevertheless, it depends on the standard of equipment. The most widespread WiFi standards today are 802.11n and 802.11ac. Not to mention, it also depends on the frequency with which the signal passes: 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz.

But, after all, what does it matter? Normally, with a range of 20 to 50 meters, your WiFi network should cover your entire house. Only other parameters affect the quality of your Internet connection: the extender-positioning, the thickness of the walls, lastly the interference. Apart from that, the further you get from the router, the slower the connection speed. And, sometimes, it even happens that the signal disappears in some rooms. Hence, the interest of getting a WiFi extender, to improve its Internet connection and enjoy a good flow in every room of the house.

How to properly place a WiFi extender for mywifiext setup?

The quality of the WiFi signal emitted by the extender depends on its location. It is therefore essential to position it well if you want it to do its job properly. To improve Internet connection, the extender must be placed in an area where the router signal is still of quality. But, neither too close nor too far from your router. Reason being, if placed too close to your router, it will have no use: the WiFi signal will be excellent but it will not really extend the coverage of your network. And, placed too far from your router, it will also not really useful because it will have correctly extended the coverage of your network but the signals will be too weak.

So, we must find an equidistant spot. Netgear extenders offer a positioning aid function. They are equipped with a diode. If the light is red, the location is not good. If the light is green, the positioning is good.

Netgear Extender Setup with WPS function

Apart from mywifiext setup, there is another setup functionality known as WPS. WPS – Three letters to say “WiFi Protected Setup”. It is a wireless network standard for the secure connection of a device to a WiFi terminal. With a router and WiFi extender compatible WPS, the configuration is automatic, simple, and fast. Just plug the extender into an electrical outlet near your router. You must then press the WPS button on the box and then the WPS button on the extender.

While the extender is set, a warning light flashes. When it freezes, the configuration of the WiFi extender is complete. Then just plug it where you want. Very often, the WiFi network of the extender is of the same name as that of the router. Sometimes, it also happens that it appears in the list of available WiFi networks with an extension (_ext) but, the password does not change.

Sadly, if your router is not WPS compatible, this functionality will be useless. In this case, manual mywifiext setup configuration must be done via an online setup portal or Netgear Genie application.

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