Netgear Genie Firmware Update Failure Fixes You Must Know!

Can you not update the firmware on your Netgear device? It happens many times. Users report that the Netgear Genie firmware update process halts in between and the device gets bricked. Nothing happens further on the Netgear Genie setup page. Are you going through a similar situation? Go on reading to know more about what exactly has happened and how you can get rid of this situation.

Know that the firmware updates on the devices like routers and extenders are essential. But while you are carrying out the process, you should be careful about certain key points. If not, then you may render your device useless.

In this post, you will learn about the remedy that you can use to get your Netgear extender up and working after the firmware update failure.

Netgear Genie Firmware Update Error: Fixed!

Despite trying multiple times to update the firmware via mynetgear admin dashboard, if you get an error message on your screen then use the instructions that are highlighted ahead.

Begin With Basic Troubleshooting Tips

Before you indulge in some deep and advanced troubleshooting process, try some basic solutions first:

Power Cycle Netgear Extender

You should try to restart the Netgear extender once and then try to get the firmware updated on it. This has helped many users. If power restarting only the Netgear extender did not help, then power cycle even the main gateway, like the router etc. Do not forget to remove the cables connected and make the connections again. Try to update the firmware on your device once again.

Case 1: Netgear Genie Won’t Open? Try Reset!

Is the Netgear device bricked and you can’t even access the Netgear Genie page? There is a possibility that power cycling also can not help. In that scenario, you should try resetting your Netgear extender. When the device is on, press the Reset hole located on it using a sharp pointed object. Press and hold the Reset button for at least 10 to 15 seconds.

If the reset happens then again set up your Netgear extender from scratch. Use the Netgear Genie login URL to log in and complete the setup.

Now you can update the firmware on your Netgear device with no issues.

Case 2: Netgear Genie Download Page Accessible

If you can log in to the Netgear Genie page via, but still cannot execute the Netgear Genie firmware update then you should try to update the firmware with remote login.

Do what is mentioned ahead:

1. Download TFTP Client on PC

  • Switch on your computer and connect it to a stable WiFi.
  • Run an internet browser and download TFTPD64 from the official website.
  • Install it on your computer.

2. Download Firmware

  • From the Netgear Official website, download the firmware file for the Netgear device model that you own.
  • Save it on your computer.
  • Extract the Zip file on your computer.

3. Set Static IP Address

  • Connect your computer to the Netgear extender using an Ethernet cable.
  • Click the Windows icon on your PC and in the search bar type Network Connections.
  • Next, click on View Network Connections.
  • Select Ethernet Properties by doing Right Click on Ethernet.
  • Open Internet Protocol Version 4.
  • Assign static IP here.
  • Save the settings.

4. Configure TFTPD64 to Extender

  • Run the TFTPD64 file that is saved on your computer.
  • Select the PC LAN adapter in the Server interfaces field.
  • Enter the extender’s default IP Address in the Host field and type 69 in the Port field.

5. Install Firmware

  • Browse and locate the firmware file saved on your computer by clicking on the Browse button.
  • Remove the Ethernet connection between the extender and the computer.
  • Quickly reboot your extender.
  • As soon as the power light on the extender flashes, click Put in TFTPD64 and begin the firmware installation process.

The Final Note

Soon your Netgear extender will be running on the most recent firmware version. Here we conclude our helpful post on what you can do to fix the Netgear Genie firmware update error. This is how you can update the firmware of your Netgear extender if you can not log in to the admin dashboard.

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