Solved: WiFi Connected But No Internet on Mac OS Device

No WiFi connection is maybe the worst nightmare of every Mac user. With the latest macOS Mojave, lots of users have bumped into wireless connection problems even after successful Netgear extender setup. Some typical Mojave WiFi issues are that the connection drops frequently, unable to connect, the wireless connection has failed, WiFi connected but no internet or even the overall WiFi performance is degrading.

This troubleshooting guide will aim to resolve all such WiFi issues with your Mac OS device. Read on.

Let’s first clarify here how do you know that WiFi connected but internet is not working on your Mac. The issue appears when:

  • Web applications like iChat, Mail or App Store are unable to connect to their servers.

  • Web pages don’t load properly on Safari or other web browsers.

  • ‘You are not connected to the internet’ error shows on the screen.

  • Mac doesn’t connect to the internet.

  • WiFi keeps turning off itself on your Mac OS device.

This post will walk you through a range of troubleshooting steps to resolve these WiFi connectivity issues on Mac. Some of these steps are pretty simple while others can make your head spin. However, if you find any troubleshooting step difficult for you, just contact our experts.

Solutions to Fix WiFi Connected But No Internet on Mac

1. Try Using Another App or Website

In order to make sure that the issue is not restricted to just website, attempt to visit another one – preferably the highly reliable one such as

In the same manner, try using another app on your Mac Mojave to ensure that the issue isn’t in just your current app. On the off chance if only one website appears to be having WiFi issues, check for its outage.

2. Turn on the WiFi

On the off chance that your Mac uses the WiFi to connect to internet, navigate to the WiFi menu to make sure that you are connected to a network. If you see an exclamation mark on the WiFi icon, it signifies that Mac is not connected to any network.

Therefore, select the option that says ‘Turn WiFi Off’ and wait for some time. After that, click on the ‘Turn WiFi On’ option. Now, try connecting your Mac to the internet. If it doesn’t, restart your Mac.

3. Use Network Diagnostics

Some users complain that both bands (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) of their Netgear AC1200 WiFi range extender have stopped working on their Mac. The device connects successfully to the extended network but giving no internet access.

In this case, you can go with the network diagnostics. It is the intrinsic Mac OS X’ way to help you in debugging the ‘WiFi connected no internet Mac’ problem. Just navigate to the Apple menu > network section. Once there, click on the Diagnostics option followed by the Assist me button. It will guide you through a range of tests, from checking your wireless or Ethernet to DNS servers.

4. Power-Cycle Your Router and Extender

If you are still having the WiFi issues on your Mac, it’s time to check the router. Turn your router off, wait for a few minutes and then turn it back on again. This process is known as power cycling. Once done, try connecting your Mac to the router again.

Apply the same process on your Netgear WiFi range extender. However, keep in mind to disconnect all the connected devices to your extender’s network. And after power cycling, you can connect your Mac to the extender and router again.

Getting Back Online

So now, you should not get WiFi connected but no internet access error on your Mac. At times, users are not able to connect to the internet even after following the aforementioned steps because some outages are just beyond their control. In this case, all you have to do is simply contact our professionals. They will fix every technical issue with your internet connection and get you back online within minutes.

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