Connecting WiFi Extender to CenturyLink Router: What to Know

CenturyLink is known for providing a reliable internet speed to its customers with the help of its gateways; mainly modems. These modems also serve as routers and that is why some people call them modem routers. However sometimes, these gateways are not sufficient to fulfill the internet requirements of users. In that case, they turn toward WiFi range extenders that perform the task of amplifying the signals emitted by the main gateway. The connection can be made with the help of the WPS approach or the manual method that involves the usage of the cable. Let’s not waste time on introducing these methods and hop up directly to the steps involved in the connection process. It is recommended that you identify your extender’s default values (mentioned in the user manual or on the product’s label) because we are going to take an example of a Netgear extender. So, here we go about learning how to connect WiFi extender to CenturyLink router!

Prior to the Connection Process
You must reset your WiFi extender before connecting it to a CenturyLink router or gateway. The reason being, an already installed WiFi extender cannot be connected to a gateway. In addition to that, you need to ensure that your CenturyLink modem router or WiFi router is up and running.

How to Connect WiFi Extender to CenturyLink Router via WPS?

This method of connecting a WiFi range extender and the CenturyLink router is all about pressing a button. Due to this very reason, some users call this Netgear WiFi extender setup method the Push-button or the One-touch setup method. The sub-steps mentioned below will let you understand how to use a button to connect a WiFi range extender; particularly one brought in by Netgear and a CenturyLink router or gateway:

1. Place Your Devices Closer

For a WPS connection to become successful, it is necessary that your devices stay close to each other. Thus, you have to place your WiFi extender in the room where you’ve already placed the router. The distance of 8-10 ft will be enough. But, do not increase or decrease it. The connection process might fail. Now, you can power up your Netgear extender and the CenturyLink router.

2. Press the WPS Button

The next task is to locate the WPS button on the CenturyLink gateway and push it. Within a time frame of 2 minutes, you are suggested to press the same button on your WiFi range extender. This will establish a 2.4 GHz frequency connection. You can do the same to connect 5 GHz bands of both devices.

In this manner, you can connect WiFi extender to CenturyLink router via WPS. But, you need to follow the manual approach in case there is no WPS button on the CenturyLink gateway. FYI, the manual method will require a visit to the address. Walk through the upcoming section for the detailed process.

The Default Values of Netgear Extender
You must find the default values of the WiFi extender you own from its user manual or the label under the product. However, we are mentioning the default set values of a Netgear range extender:

  • The default IP and Web Address: and respectively
  • The Factory Set Username and Password: admin and password (in lowercase)
  • SSID and Network Key: Netgear_ext and the network key is mentioned on the label
  • You can also find the extender’s MAC address on its label

How to Connect WiFi Extender to CenturyLink Router Manually?

In addition to visiting the default web address, the manual method of connecting a WiFi range extender to a CenturyLink router involves the usage of a network cable. So, arrange one that is damage-free and use it to join the LAN port of your CenturyLink gateway and the Internet port of the extender. After that, you can switch on your devices according to the thumb rule of powering up the host first. Once done, walk through these steps:

1. Connect PC to the Netgear Extender

Move to your PC and switch it on. Locate the WiFi icon in the task bar and click it. Can you see a WiFi network named Netgear_ext? If yes, then connect to it by inputting the network key. Hitting Connect will finalize the PC and extender connection. You can also hardwire your PC and extender.

2. Access the New Extender Setup Page

The next step is to reach the New Extender Setup page. For that, visit the login address of your Netgear extender and log in to it through the default password and username given above. The desired page i.e. the New Extender Setup window will show up. Choose the operating mode after that.

3. Extend the CenturyLink Network

The next portal/window will ask you to pick the host network (one which you wish to extend). Thus, choose the network that belongs to CenturyLink gateway and input its respective network key. Click Connect and after that assign a separate SSID to your range extender. Keep following the instructions that show up on the screen.

The manual approach of connecting a WiFi extender and the CenturyLink gateway ends here. This is to inform you that you can also use the Nighthawk app for the extender management from now onwards. All you will have to do is use myNetgear credentials and choose the extender. You will soon find yourself on the extender’s dashboard.

The Conclusion

Wasn’t the process of connecting WiFi extender to CenturyLink router ease? We hope you completed the connection process effortlessly. So, wait for nothing! Pull out your WiFi clients and connect them to the newly extended network.

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