Does Netgear A7000 WiFi Adapter Keep Losing Signal? Why?

NETGEAR A7000 is a WIFI USB DRIVER that is being purchased by a number of people due to its brilliant performance. However, from some time, it has been causing issues. The biggest one till date is the Netgear A7000 WiFi adapter keeps losing signal issue. To help you and many others like you, we have penned down some solutions in this blog post. As you will read further, you will become aware of the reasons that caused this issue.

Why Does Netgear A7000 WiFi Adapter Keep Losing Signal?

1. Damaged Ethernet Port

Let us start by discussing the primary reason behind the issue in debate, that is, the Ethernet port located on the client device is damaged. Do you not believe us? No problem. Check for yourself. In case what we are saying is true, then it is recommended that you first get the Ethernet port repaired. Once you have done the needful, check whether you are able to connect the Netgear A7000 WiFi adapter to the port of the client device.

Are you still experiencing the same problem? Well, in that case, you need not worry as there are more solutions in this blog post to help you out.

2. Enable USB Ports Again

Check whether you have enabled the USB PORTS. Have you not? And there, you have found the second reason why you are here. To reverse the situation, press WINDOWS + R, type GPEDIT.MSC, and hit ENTER to go to the LOCAL GROUP POLICY EDITOR. Once you have reached there, go to the COMPUTER CONFIGURATION option. Select ADMINISTRATIVE TEMPLATES > SYSTEM REMOVABLE STORAGE ACCESS.

Now, find the policies that you have configured in order to disable the USB ports. Click twice on each policy, choose the required option, click OK, and restart your device.

3. Use the Other USB Port

In case dirt or debris is stuck inside the USB port, it can also cause issues like the Netgear A7000 WiFi adapter keeps disconnecting problem. To resolve it, you should use a cotton swab to clean the port. Although it will work for you, on the off chance, it does not; it is recommended that you use the other USB port located on your client device. By client device, we are referring to the computer or laptop that you are using at the moment.

Use the Other USB Port

As soon as you have implemented this troubleshooting solution, check whether the adapter has stopped dropping signal. Has it? No? Well then, you already know what to do, read on.

4. Reboot the Client Device

Perhaps the issue is not with the Netgear A7000 WiFi adapter but the with client device that you are using. Considering you do not have the time to figure out what exactly is wrong with it, you should reboot it. To reboot the laptop or computer that you are using, you should press the WINDOWS key on the keyboard, locate the power option, select the REBOOT button, and hold on for some time, till the time the device does not reboot.

By the way, do not disconnect the client device from the socket during the process. It might lose power and once that happens, you will invite more issues to the table unintentionally.

5. Get the Adapter Checked

In case the same problem still persists, then only one reason might be behind it. There is something messed up with the WiFi adapter itself. As an attempt to take care of the problem once and for all, you need to get the adapter checked from the place you brought it. If you get to know that something is indeed wrong with it, take care of it right there and then. Ensure that the WiFi adapter is under warranty before you think of getting it checked.

Or else, nothing will stop you from spending money on a new one and installing it. We are assuming that it does not sound that feasible, right?

In Conclusion

We are concluding the blog post based on the solutions to fix the Netgear A7000 WiFi adapter keeps losing signal problem. Here is to hope that after going through the info given above, you will be able to bring the adapter back on track. Also, do you own more Netgear devices at home? For example, have you done NETGEAR WIFI EXTENDER SETUP? Yes? Well then, before you face issues with the extender, bookmark this website.

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