Does Netgear WiFi Extender Help to Increase Speed Upstairs?

Internet is the need of the day. Survival without an internet connection seems impossible today. Every home has a router installed. But do you have a multi-storied home and feel like a single router can’t provide WiFi signals upstairs? Why don’t you consider using a Netgear WiFi extender? You can get a Netgear WiFi extender setup in your home to extend the existing WiFi signals. If you ask can a Netgear WiFi extender help to increase speed upstairs? Then the answer is Yes! A Netgear WiFi extender can help you get internet signals in those areas where you get poor to no WiFi signals.

Although you can get internet signals upstairs by installing a WiFi extender, there are certain factors that you need to consider here.

How Netgear WiFi Extender Helps to Increase Speed Upstairs?

If you take care of a few factors then you can get boosted internet signals using a WiFi range extender. We are highlighting those factors below. Have a good look at them and make sure you consider these factors while you are doing the Netgear extender setup via or the IP address.

1. Extender-Router Distance

Once you have completed the Netgear extender setup, you need to place it at the place where you want to extend the existing WiFi signals. While shifting the extender, you need to make sure that you place it at a location that is somewhere in between the router and the WiFi dead zones. In your case, you should place it in a way that you get WiFi signals upstairs.

The distance between the extender and the router is what you should be more concerned about. Why because the router serves as the service provider for the extender. So, these two devices should be placed closer so that the extender gets good signals from the host router and thus can extend the signals further.

2. Connectivity Mode

We are talking about the connection between the Netgear extender and the host router. There are two ways you can get these two devices connected while you are setting up your extender using or the IP address One is a wireless connection (in extender mode) and the other is a Wired connection ( in Access Point mode).

The extender-router distance that we talked about in the previous point matters when you are making a wireless connection. However, we all know wired connections are more stable and there are fewer chances of signal dropping. So, if possible you should go for a wired connection between the extender and router.

Managing cabled connections can be messy at times, especially when you want the signal to be extender from the ground floor to the next floor. If it is possible for you to manage a LAN connection, then opting for one is always recommended.

NOTE: Use a good Ethernet cable that is inserted into the right ports on both devices and makes a firm connection.

3. Interference in the Network

Another factor that you should take care of is the signal interference. Many devices can affect signal transmission. You need to be vigilant that there are no such devices near the extender so that you can avoid WiFi interference. Keep your extender away from electronic devices, reflexive surfaces, large water bodies, heavy building materials, etc.

4. Placement of the Extender

Apart from placing the extender away from interference causing devices, you should consider a few more points while placing your extender. Keep it in an open and airy location to better signal transmission. The signals get radiated outwards and downwards. Thus placing the extender at a higher location is suggested.

5. Timely Firmware Updates

Timely firmware updates are essential. You should make it a note to have your Netgear extender updated all the time. Download the latest firmware using MyNetgear official website, log in using the IP address, and get the latest firmware installed on your extender as soon as a new update is ready. This will enhance the overall performance of your Netgear wireless range extender.

Wrapping Things Up

We hope you do not have the same doubt now if a Netgear WiFi extender helps to increase speed upstairs or not. Apart from the above given factors, you should often reboot your Netgear WiFi range extender which is yet another way to enhance the performance of your extender. Rebooting helps your device get some rest and thus it performs well after that.

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