Fixes: WiFi Extender Cannot Connect to Dual Band Router

Connectivity issues are one of the most faced issues when it comes to technical devices. Given you are reading this blog post; we are assuming that you are experiencing the same issue with your networking device. Perhaps, the extender is not connecting to the dual band router, the wireless router keeps disconnecting, there is no internet on the client device, or the WiFi signals are getting interrupted, which issue are you experiencing?

Is it the first one? No issues. We can help you to resolve the WiFi extender cannot connect to dual band router issue in a hassle-free manner, regardless of the model you are using. In this blog post, we have particularly taken the example of Netgear extender.

WiFi Extender Cannot Connect to Dual Band Router? Why?

A. Wrong Connection Source

Many times users make the mistake of attempting to connect the Netgear extender to the router using the wireless source before accessing Just because something seems fascinating does not mean that it is reliable. What we mean to say is that a wireless source of connection is not that reliable when it comes to the transmission of signals.

Fix: Troubleshoot the issue in debate by changing the source of connection. To be specific, it is recommended that you use the Ethernet cable for the establishment of the connection.

B. Damaged Ethernet Cable

The next reason that could have led you to the WiFi extender cannot connect to dual band router issue is that usage of an Ethernet cable which is not free of damages. In other words, it has cuts. FYI, this can also cause other issues like not working, Netgear extender firmware update failed. But, you do not have to blame yourself for this.


Fix: Do you have a tape in the house? Yes? Tape up the cable. In case this does not work for you, then consider using a new cable to pair the devices.

C. Way Too Much Distance

Is the extender kept in the first room and the router is kept in the last one? And there, you have found the third factor which could have contributed to WiFi extender cannot connect issue. Too much distance can lead to a poor signal transmission thereby disabling your devices from connecting and preventing you from accessing mywifiext.local.

Fix: To ensure that your networking devices connect to each other with ease, you ought to see that the distance between them is not that much.

D. Electronic Devices Nearby

Cordless phones, washing machines, refrigerators, microwave ovens, baby monitors, fish tanks, Bluetooth speakers, treadmills, televisions, and aluminum studs are some examples of things which you are not good for the overall performance of your extender as they do not allow its signals to spread freely. It can also stop you from connecting to Netgear_ext.

Fix: Change the location of your wireless range extender and keep it away from all the examples mentioned above. Apart from this, do not keep the extender in corners.

E. Overheated WiFi Extender

The last reason why you are going nuts because of the WiFi extender cannot connect issue is because you did not let your wireless range extender rest when you were not using it. This overheated the networking device thereby forcing you to get stuck with connectivity issues. The following is what you can do to troubleshoot them:

Fix: If you have not done so yet, then consider giving your extender some rest by restarting. Make sure that you wait for about 30 seconds amidst turning off and on the device.

Everything Failed? What Now? Try the Sixth Fix!

Only 10% people come to this section, the ones for whom nothing worked in resolving the WiFi extender cannot connect to router issue. Considering you are reading it too, then the obvious is the situation for you. With that said, you should do the Netgear extender reset process. For this, you ought to press the reset button on the extender. After you have reset your wireless range extender, you can set it up via any method you like.


To Conclude

This ends the troubleshooting guide discussing the tips through which the WiFi extender cannot connect to dual band router issue can be resolved. We are expecting that after going through the information presented above, you will experience no issues while connecting the extender to the dual band router in your home.

In case you still do, then it is recommended that you consider power cycling the entire network. Earlier you just rebooted the range extender. Doing this will surely help you to come get rid of the issue in debate. Fret not. Power cycling the network is the same as you reboot a wireless range extender. You just need to power off the devices one by one, wait for 5 minutes, and then, turn them back on.

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