How to Enable Netgear Parental Control?

Accessibility to the Internet makes the whole world at your fingertips. Right from surfing your favorite web series to checking the breaking news, everything becomes just a click away. However, this can raise your worries, being a parent. If you want to project on all the devices given to your kids, then implementing parental controls is the best option. In this how-to guide, we’ll make you learn about enabling Netgear Parental Control on your WiFi device.

Controlling what your child can do on their phone and limiting the amount of screen time they can spend each day are two of the largest challenges facing parents today. It appears to be an impossible job to restrict their internet usage and is unquestionably not simple. Kids will undoubtedly find another gadget or turn on the TV and watch Netflix even if you manage to ban one or two devices. But, what if you will restrict the source of the internet? Yes, you read it right!

These days, the option of setting up parental controls is available on most internet-enabled devices like smartphones, computers, gaming systems, etc. And fortunately, routers are also gifted with the same functionality by most manufacturers including Netgear.

With the activation of the Netgear Parental Control, the company helps you reduce the menace of your kids accessing ill-suited content on the web. Not only that but you can also have a tab on your kid’s online activity and tweak settings keeping his/her age in mind. So, what are you waiting for? Walk through the steps given below and learn how to set up Netgear Parental Controls on your device.

FYI, if have performed a Netgear wn3000rpv3 setup at your home or configured an AC1900 range extender, your device will feed simply what it gets from the host router. So, keep reading and protect your kids from the entire internet nuisance by enabling parental controls on your WiFi router.

Configuring Netgear Parental Controls

  • Make sure your router is connected to the modem and you are having access to high-speed internet.
  • Open a computer and access the settings of your WiFi router.
  • If you are not yet logged in, open a web browser and access the default web address of your device.
  • This will ask you to enter your login details. Fill the fields with apt details and click Log in.
  • As you toggle on the dashboard of your device, select Parental Controls under Settings and hit Apply. This is how you are done with enabling Netgear Parental Control on your device.

Netgear also allows you to add a bypass account; however, the feature is optional to enable. For beginners, a bypass account helps you surf the web and use the internet without a filtering level on a particular device.

  • If for some reason you want to add a bypass account, enter a username and password for the same and hit Add Account option.
  • You will then be asked to select a filtering level for your account.
  • If you want to select no filters for the account then hit None, else make your selection as per your needs.
  • Thence, click Save Filtering Level to make the changes come into effect.

Netgear Parental Controls – Adding Time Block

Parents can even set a specific time for enabling the Parental Control feature. For instance, if your kids are out of home from morning 9:00 to noon 2:00, there is no need to restrict that time for them. The time they usually spend at home should be monitored and controlled. So, here’s how you can set a time for the filtering level to be activated:

  • Once you are all done with enabling Netgear Parental Controls, navigate to the top left of the web interface of your WiFi device and create a schedule to use for activating the filtering level.
  • The minute you are done with setting your preferred timings, click Apply and there you are.

This is how you can make the most of your WiFi device even after enabling the Netgear Parental Control feature.


This is all about how you can add a level of protection and keep your kids safe from unauthorized access by enabling Netgear Parental Controls on your WiFi device. If finding yourself stuck at any point while implementing the process, feel free to contact our technical experts for quick assistance.

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