Why Does My NETGEAR WiFi Keeps Going In and Out?

Is your NETGEAR WiFi keeps going in and out? Well, the issue might be caused due to various reasons like outdated firmware, improper connections, internet outage in your area, WiFi interference, and many more.

If your Netgear WiFi extender keeps disconnecting and you are in dire hard need of a quick solution, then you have stumbled upon the right post. Here, in this piece of writing, we are going to explain various tricks that can be used by you for fixing your WiFi disconnectivity issue.

Top 5 Fixes For WiFi Keeps Going In and Out Issue

As stated earlier, various reasons can be there behind getting the issue at hand. It can even be your extender itself. Well, nothing to worry about. With the implementation of the steps given below, you can easily get your WiFi connection back to track. Let’s get started!

1. Restart Your Extender

Like many other power-enabled devices, we suggest you turn off your extender and then back on after a few seconds.

There could be a temporary glitch with the software or hardware of your extender dragging you to the WiFi keeps going in and out issue.

So, go ahead and try the hack without delay! If even after using the tip, your extender is still acting out, embark on the next solution below.

2. Update Your Extender’s Firmware

Firmware updates are of great importance when it comes to fixing various issues with WiFi devices. Thus, check if your extender is offered with any new firmware version.

If yes, we suggest you right away update the firmware of your extender and see if this fixed the connectivity issue.

3. Do Away with WiFi Interference

Interference from other devices could also be one of the possible reasons why your Netgear extender’s WiFi keeps going in and out.

In such a situation, you need to place the extender away from the reach of things like microwave ovens, baby monitors, walkie-talkies, aluminum studs, reflexive surfaces, etc.

4. Change Extender’s Password

If you have not yet changed the password of your extender then it’s time to get it changed. There could be WiFi leeches if you will stick to the default password of your device.

So, head towards the settings of your extender and set a new password for your WiFi device. However, keep in mind to choose a password that contains special characters, numbers, and alphabets. You can make the password at least eight characters long.

5. Switch to Different WiFi Channel

There is a chance that your current WiFi channel is overburdened which is why you are struggling with WiFi keeps going in and out issue on your Netgear extender.

To fix the same, you are recommended to switch to the least used channel. Once done, try streaming videos and check if you can still experience lags.

6. Verify Cable Connections

Users forget to take care of their devices after setting them up. Have you done the same to your extender? Well, plan a health check-up for your device.

Perhaps, the cables connecting your extender got loose over time. If so, uninstall them and then install them back properly. Also, ensure that there is no cut in the cables connecting your devices. If you find any of your cables are ripped off, consider changing them to a new one.

7. Examine Power Supply

If none of the above-listed fixes helped you in resolving the WiFi keeps going in and out issue, check the socket to which your extender is plugged.

There could be a glitch in the power being supplied by the socket. If any issue has been found by you in the outlet, plug your extender into a different wall socket.

8. Ping Your Extender

Another issue that might be dragging you to the WiFi keeps dropping issue could be from the end of your Internet Service Provider.

Run a ping test on your device and check if you are receiving proper internet from your ISP. If not, contact the concerned person and ask him to get the problem fixed.

Final Thoughts

These all are the possible tips to get the long-going issue fixed. Are you still witnessing Netgear WiFi keeps going in and out issue? Well, don’t hesitate to contact our technical experts for personalized assistance.

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