Is It Possible to Connect Garage Door to WiFi Range Extender?

Yes. It is very much possible to connect garage door to WiFi range extender. Whether you are using an extender belonging to Netgear, Linksys, Wavlink, or any other brand, with the right procedure, you can surely manage your garage door from any corner. Keep reading this post and learn about the several benefits of connecting the garage door to WiFi.

Note: In this blog, we will be taking Netgear extender for reference. However, the steps will remain the same in case of any other brand. We can assure you that.

Why to Connect Garage Door to WiFi Network?

Do you usually forget to shut down the door when you leave for work on a busy morning? Well, connecting the garage door to Netgear WiFi extender will allow you to set timings on your garage door to close. In this manner, you do not have to fret about letting it stay opened. It is a one-shot way to enhance the security of your home.

Along with this, you mobile phone will alert you if someone tries to open the garage door when you are away from home. Now, go through the instructions mentioned below and learn how you can connect garage door to Netgear extender.

How to Connect Garage Door to WiFi Extender?

1. Check the Internet

Prior to going about the process, it is recommended that you check whether the network of the Netgear wireless range extender is in the reach of the garage door opener. Apart from this, ensure that the speed is good enough. To test the connection, connect your mobile device to Netgear_ext, which is the network name of the extender and move with it to the garage door opener location. See if you are getting good signal strength.

Check the Internet

Are you getting two bars? Good. This means that the WiFi around the opener is strong enough to not cause any technical issues during the process.

2. Buy the Controller

When you are done testing the WiFi for the door opener, you are required to install the WiFi garage door controller. The controller will use your internet connection in order to operate the device. It is suggested that before you do this; you need to have a look at the model of the garage door. Not just this, but also the website of the manufacturer. This is to get a clear picture, whether it will even work with the WiFi controller or not.

3. Install Equipment

The next step in line is to mount the WiFi controller to the ceiling near the garage door opener. Once done, connect it to the network of the Netgear range extender which you have installed in your home via the IP address. Once done, position or in other words, mount the door sensors. Once done, make a connection to the WiFi controller. See to it that the new system is functioning properly.

You should know that if you are able to control the garage door from your device, then it means that the installation process was a success.

How to Connect Garage Door to WiFi via Android?

The above-mentioned procedure was more about connecting the garage door to the WiFi physically. In this one, we have explained the in-detail procedure using the Android app.

  • First of all, download the MyQ application on your mobile.
  • Create an account on it as the second step of the process.
  • Now, you ought to enable the Location settings.
  • Thus, do as required and wait to land on the Device Setup screen.
  • Click the Garage Door Opener with WiFi Ceiling Installed option.
  • You will be redirected on the What You Need screen.
  • Click the checkbox when you review the information.
  • Once done, hit the I Am Ready button to continue.
  • Click the Next button as soon as you have reviewed the information.
  • Select the Wall Control image that resembles the product.
  • Go through the instructions given to start the WiFi learn mode.
  • The next step is to find the network of your Netgear extender and select it.
  • Enter the password which you setup while setting up the device via
  • Give your garage door opener a new but easy-to-remember name and select Finish.
  • Select the garage door.
  • This will help you to get the garage door opener activated.

Can You Make an Older Garage Door Opener Smart?

Yes. It is possible to make an older garage door opener smart. You should know that many older models come with an option that helps in adding a push button. This can be used to manage the garage door. These openers can be linked to the terminals. When the user is interested to manage the opener, be it close or open it, the mobile will transmit the signal to it. As a outcome, it will act like a push button.

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