My Phone Won’t Connect to WiFi Extender. What Should I Do?

Mobile phones are the widely used gadgets across the world. You can connect them to internet either via cellular data or using a WiFi connection. This blog will help you fix the problem when your phone won’t connect to WiFi extender. Are you ready for the troubleshooting process? Let’s get started!

Why Your Phone won’t Connect to WiFi Extender?

Before learning how to troubleshoot the problem, let us understand why your phone is unable to connect to WiFi extender. This blog will take those users into consideration who have performed Netgear WiFi extender setup. But, the information given here can be used by every netizens who is facing problems connecting phone to WiFi.

  • You are trying to connect to a wrong WiFi network
  • Incorrect password has been filled in by you to connect to the WiFi network of your Netgear extender
  • Chances are that you are trying to connect to your WiFi extender at a location where its signal strength is very poor
  • Perhaps, the phone is blocked from the WiFi network of your Netgear extender or the main router
  • There’s a lot of WiFi interference present between the paths of communication of your Netgear extender and the mobile phone

After learning the reasons causing the issue, it is now time to have a look at the solutions that can be adopted to fix it.

Solutions: Phone won’t Connect to WiFi Extender

Before starting the troubleshooting process, we suggest you give a quick restart to your mobile phone. No extra effort is required! Just long-press the Power button and wait for the screen to show some options. Tap the Restart/Reboot option. As soon as your mobile phone starts again, try to reconnect it to WiFi.

Connect to the Correct Network

Make sure that you are connecting to the right WiFi network. Let us say, if your Netgear extender is running on the default factory settings, you need to connect your mobile phone to the Netgear_ext network.

Use the Correct WiFi Password

Connecting to the right WiFi network is not the only thing required. You should also be entering the correct WiFi password of the range extender. The default password is given on the product label. If it is customized, consider finding it from the Wireless Settings page on the extender’s BASIC Home screen by visiting

Correct WiFi Password

Get Closer to Your Extender

Come a little closer to the WiFi extender and try to connect to its network. If you are successful, no further troubleshooting is required. If the network name isn’t visible, you might have disabled the SSID broadcast. Thus, enter the extender’s SSID manually and connect to it.

Check Access Control Settings

Log in to your Netgear extender from another device and check its access controls settings. If the MAC address of your mobile phone falls under the list of blocked devices, remove it. Know that the access control feature is available on some extenders. There is also a possibility that the internet access for mobile is disabled from the main router. Thus, do whatever is important.

Consider WiFi Interference

Ensure that you are trying to connect your phone to WiFi extender in a room that does not house too many WiFi interference-creating factors. However, that room should have enough WiFi range. Otherwise, the connection will keep failing.

The Final Words

That’s all you can do if your phone won’t connect to WiFi extender. It is expected that after trying the above-given methods, you will be able to restore WiFi access on your mobile phone.

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