Netgear Extender Couldn’t Get IP Address: How to Fix

Since I was not getting WiFi signals in some parts of my home, I decided to install a Netgear extender. I set it up via the Netgear WiFi extender setup wizard. Although connected to the router properly, the extender couldn’t get IP address from it. I am not able to access the internet from it. What could have gone wrong?

Do you also experience a similar issue with your Netgear extender? Are you looking for the best possible solution to do away with this problem? Well, your search ends here. Here in this post are highlighted some topmost solutions that worked well in resolving similar issues with other Netgear users. Employ these hacks and get rid of the problem that you are currently troubled by.

Why Netgear Extender Couldn’t Get IP Address?

You can access the Netgear WiFi range extender setup page to reach its settings and then check the IP address. If your extender hasn’t obtained an IP address from the host router then you need to try some troubleshooting hacks.

Before commencing the troubleshooting process, let us discuss the common causes of the issue first. It is better to know why the issue appeared in the first place.

  1. The main reason why it happens is that the Netgear extender is not properly connected to the host router.
  2. Another cause could be outdated firmware on the extender. If your wireless range extender is running on an obsolete version of firmware then this could be the reason behind the issue that you are currently experiencing.
  3. Variations in the frequency channels between the extender and the host router can cause similar problems.
  4. An incompatible Netgear WiFi extender and host router also result in the issue.

How to Fix No IP Address Issue with Netgear Extender?

Power Cycle Netgear Extender

In case your Wireless extender couldn’t get IP address from the router, then perform the power cycling process. Perhaps the extender is not able to recognize the connection to the router. Power cycling may help here. You can get through this process by powering it off and waiting for some time before powering it up once again.

Assign Static IP

If the Netgear extender couldn’t get IP address from the host router, then you should try assigning a static IP address by going to the settings via Do the login. After that, click on IP Address Setup option and change it to Use Static IP Address. Thereafter, assign IP addresses in the required fields manually. You can contact our team to help you assign the static IP address. After you have saved these settings, everything should be working fine. Under any circumstances, if it does not work, then try the next hack.

Fix Extender–Router Connection

The connection between the Netgear WiFi range extender and the host router plays a vital role here. An unstable connection between the two networking devices is the main reason why the extender couldn’t get IP address from the router.

Fix the connection between the devices now. If you have used an Ethernet cable to connect them, then examine it carefully. Maybe it needs a replacement. You also need to check the Ethernet ports for any damage.

In the event the devices are connected wirelessly, then reduce the distance between them. Maybe the extender is placed outside the network range of the router. While bringing the extender near the router, make sure you are not placing them very close either, or else the signals may clash.

Update Extender Firmware

Netgear extender couldn’t get IP address issue could also be due to outdated firmware on the extender. If your extender is running on an obsolete firmware version and an update is ready to be installed, then get your extender updated right away. You can access the Netgear extender admin dashboard via or mywifiext.local and then update the extender. Right after the firmware is updated, see if the issue has been fixed or not.

Reset the Extender

The final resort that you are left with if no other hack worked so far is the Reset process. This will erase the current configuration settings from your Netgear extender. Once the current settings are deleted, the factory settings will be restored.


Do the setup process again by accesing the Netgear wifi extender login page. Ensure connecting the extender to the host router properly this time. We are sure that you will no more say that your Netgear extender couldn’t get IP address from the router. In the event you are still stuck with it, get in touch with our proficient team.

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