PS5 Internet Connection Failed with WiFi Extender: Solutions

The Gaming generation or Gen Z is another name for the tech generation. This is because a lot of netizens tend toward various online games. This blog will particularly focus on the users who have installed PS5 gaming consoles in their houses and are unable to connect them to the WiFi network of their respective extenders. For easy understanding of the concept, we’ve taken the example of users who have done Netgear WiFi extender setup. If you are also facing the PS5 internet connection failed with the WiFi extender network, use the points mentioned here. You are free to use the information given here for other range extenders too. Keep reading.

Factor Affecting PS5 Internet Connection

Before you start troubleshooting the connectivity problem related to the Play Station, you should know that it is the distance between the gaming station and the host device due to which the connection generally fails. Therefore, you are required to pay some attention to the distance through which you have separated the extender and PS5. If possible, try to place them in the same room. But, avoid making the gap zero.

What You Can Do to Fix PS5 Internet Connection Failed Issue?

This section will reveal the first thing you need to do if the PS5 gaming console does not get connected to the internet. FYI, this is the universal tip. In other words, it will not only work in the case of your respective WiFi extender but also in the case of routers and other gateways.

All you need to do is restart the gaming console. For this, simply pull its plug out of the respective power outlet and let it rest. Giving it 10-15 minutes of rest will be the best thing. After that, power up the gaming console once again and re-attempt to connect it to the WiFi extender. Are you able to? No? Move to the next section then.

Are You Unable to Connect Other Devices to Extender WiFi Too?

Now, we want you to connect your PC to the extender’s WiFi network and try to access the MyNetgear login page. If you are able to access the same, it means the connectivity issue has arisen from the gaming console only. Thus, the rest of the troubleshooting process will majorly focus on PS5.

Note: Try to connect a few more devices to the extender’s WiFi network and see if you are successful. If the problem is with other devices too, consider restarting the extender and re-establishing a WiFi connection with client devices.

Solved: PS5 Internet Connection Failed

Reason Solution
Wrong WiFi Password Maybe you are using the wrong WiFi password to join the WiFi network of your range extender. You might be aware of the fact that the network key/WiFi password is case-sensitive. Thus, you need to input it correctly. To know the correct value of the extender’s WiFi password, you can access its BASIC Home screen through the default IP and access the network settings.
Signal Interference To reduce the interference from the path of communication of your extender and PS5 gaming console, remove electromagnetic devices surrounding the extender. You should also ensure that there are no physical impedances present in that path. If possible, try to keep both devices away from reflexive surfaces.
Heavy Network Traffic Perhaps, the PS5 internet connection failed with the WiFi extender network because there was no room for the gaming station. You can try reducing the network traffic of the extender. Disconnect a few devices and re-attempt the connection.

We are expecting that after using the CORRECT WIFI PASSWORD, REMOVING SIGNAL INTERFERENCE, and REDUCING NETWORK TRAFFIC, you will be able to connect the PS5 to the extender’s WiFi network. If you still fail, you should update the Play Station’s firmware.

How to Update PS5 Firmware to Ensure WiFi Connectivity?

Just as you need to upgrade the firmware of the Netgear extender via the IP address to ensure smooth functioning, you need to update the PS5 gaming console too. To update the firmware of the Play Station, you need to

  • Download the firmware update file and save it on a USB drive.
  • Insert the USB into the PS5 console and press the Power button.
  • Keep the button pressed for 7 seconds.
  • In that time, the gaming console will enter the SAFE MODE.
  • Join your gaming console and the dual-sensor controller.
  • After pressing the PS button, select the UPDATE SYSTEM SOFTWARE button on the menu.
  • Follow the prompts after selecting the USB drive option.

Once you update the firmware of your PS5, try to connect it to the WiFi network of your range extender keeping the above-discussed points in mind. This time you might get success.


We are expecting that the PS5 internet connection failed issue will no more bug you after following the hacks discussed here. Just in case you are still failing, try to remember what you do when the extender fails to connect to the internet. You opt for WiFi extender reset. Right? Well, this is what you need to do with your Play Station now. Reset it using the instructions mentioned in the manual and reconnect it to the internet.

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