Connect WiFi Extender to Huawei Router to Maximize Coverage!

You can maximize the Huawei Router WiFi coverage in your home by connecting it to a WiFi range extender. Despite trying different solutions, if your router fails to provide you with an internet connection in some parts of your home, then the ultimate solution is to increase the coverage range using an extender. Usually, large spaces face this problem. You find it hard to connect to the internet in areas that are far from the router. You can connect WiFi extender to your root router to widen the router’s range.

This guide will help you connect WiFi extender to Huawei router by providing you with instructions for extender setup. In this blog, we will help you carry out a Netgear WiFi extender setup with your router. But do not skip reading if the extender that you own is not by Netgear. The setup steps remain the same almost.

How to Connect WiFi Extender to Huawei Router?

Initiate the process by confirming if your Huawei router is properly configured or not. If you haven’t completed this task then refer to the user manual and set it up first and then proceed ahead.

Secondly, reset your Netgear WiFi extender. This is to ensure that your extender has the factory default settings running on it. An already-in-use extender will have customized settings that should be erased first. Even if it is a brand-new device, we recommend resetting it to avoid coming across any setup related issues.

Press and hold the Reset button located at the back of the extender for 10 seconds and then release it. Once done, use the steps given below to configure your extender via

  • Place the extender in the same room as the Huawei router. If the router is powered on then turn it off for some time.
  • Use an Ethernet cable and link its ends to the LAN port on the router and the Ethernet port on the extender.
  • Verify the connection before moving ahead.
  • Supply power to the Huawei router first and then to the WiFi extender.
  • As soon as the extender turns on, connect your PC to its WiFi or make a LAN connection. We suggest a LAN connection to ensure a stable internet throughout the process.
  • Now, launch your favorite internet browser on the PC.
  • Visit on the browser.
  • Use the admin username and password to log in.

mywifiext login

  • Select the Huawei router’s network when prompted to choose the network to be extended.
  • Provide a WiFi name and password for the extended network. These credentials will be used by you to join the extender’s WiFi.
  • You will disconnect from the current network after you change the SSID and WiFi password.
  • Join the network again using newly assigned WiFi credentials.
  • Assign an admin username and password for your extender.
  • Carry on with further on-screen prompts and carry out the extender setup.

This is all about how to connect WiFi extender to Huawei router. For your general information, you should use the URL mywifiext.local if you are using a MAC. Now, relocate your extender to a place where you wish to enjoy the extended network.

Ending Note

After you have relocated your WiFi extender, try joining its network. If the network is not stable then bring it closer to the router. Try with different locations and ensure you get the best possible extended network. Now that you have connected WiFi extender to Huawei router, you can customize the settings of the extender as per your requirements.

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