Why Won’t My Security Camera Connect to My WiFi Extender?

Every camera comes with pros but so does it come with cons. The biggest non-benefit of using a camera in your home is the risk of WiFi signal loss. In case you own a security camera belonging to any brand and are wondering “Why won’t my security camera connect to my WiFi” issue, then this is the blog post for you.

Here, you will find every solution in existence that can be tried to resolve the signal lose or connection failure issue in a matter of minutes. Given this, you should continue reading.

For your information, in this guide, we have taken the example of the Netgear extender which most users would have set up via mywifiext.net. But, you should know that no matter the brand of the extender you are using, the solutions given below will help you out.

Reasons Why My Security Camera Won’t Connect to My WiFi

There can be many reasons that would have led you to think “Why won’t my security camera connect to my WiFi” issue is behind your back. We have given most of them here:

  • Your camera is kept far from the Netgear wireless range extender.
  • The firmware of either the extender or camera is working on an outdated mode.
  • The antennas on the camera, in case there are any, are not fixed properly.
  • You did not configure the wireless settings of the camera.
  • The channel of the Netgear extender has too much traffic.
  • You partially performed Netgear extender setup via mywifiext.local.
  • Cordless phones and other smart home appliances are kept near the devices.

Below, we have discussed the solutions through which you can resolve the issue in debate. Given this, you ought to continue reading.

How to Fix Camera Not Connecting to Extender WiFi Issue?

1. Bring the Camera Closer to the Extender

As mentioned prior to this segment, there is a very high chance that the camera is kept far from the WiFi range extender. To fix the “Why my camera won’t connect to my WiFi” issue, you need to relocate the camera. Ensure that its new location is near the Netgear wireless range extender. Check in case the issue has been fixed for you.

2. Update the Firmware to the Latest Version

Another troubleshooting solution that can be implemented from your end is to update the firmware of your camera to the latest version. In case, this does not bear fruit for you, you may perform the same process for the Netgear wireless extender. To learn how you can go about it, it is recommended that you read the steps given in the product or user manual.

3. Adjust the Antennas on the Camera in Use

The placement of the antennas decides how well the connectivity between the camera and the extender is. Given this, if the placement is not correct, then you need not waste any more time before adjusting the position of the antennas. As soon as you are done, check again whether the “Why won’t my security camera connect to my WiFi” issue is fixed.

4. Disconnect All the Extra Connected Devices

Check whether the network of your Netgear wireless range extender is crowded. In other words, see if too many client devices are accessing Netgear_ext. In case they are, then you ought to disconnect the extra connected devices. This will create enough space for your camera to connect to the WiFi network of the range extender in a hassle-free manner.

5. Keep the Devices Away from WiFi Blockage

Despite all the efforts which you have made, in case you still cannot fix the “Why won’t my security camera connect to my WiFi extender” issue, then you need to keep the devices away from every single appliance that is messing with its signals. Some examples include cordless phones, washing machines, microwave ovens, treadmills, and much more.

6. Reset the Camera and the Range Extender

Still experiencing the “Why won’t my security camera connect to my WiFi” issue? Well then, your last resort is to reset or restore the camera and the wireless range extender to the default factory mode. Once you have done so, then you ought to reconfigure or reinstall both devices. By the way, you can install the Netgear extender via

Final Thoughts

After highlighting the last troubleshooting solution, we are concluding the guide on the fixes for “Why won’t my security camera connect to my WiFi” issue. Now, you will be able to connect your camera to the network of the Netgear WiFi range extender in a hassle-free manner. In case you are interested in becoming aware of similar topics, visit this website often.

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