WiFi Repeater Setup: An All Inclusive Guide

Troubled by the poor performance of your existing router? Want to extend the network coverage of the existing WiFi router in your home? Consider using a WiFi repeater. A Wireless range repeater helps to repeat the signal of the main router thereby widening the network coverage. After you purchase a repeater, you connect it to […]

WiFi Extender to Starlink Connection: All You Should Know

WiFi range extenders are not new products in the market. Millions install them in their houses so that they can have enhanced WiFi coverage. However, you cannot expect your extender to provide you with an internet connection if it is not linked to the router in the first place. You must know that the router […]

Netgear WiFi Analytics App: A Deep Insight

Netgear WiFi Analytics app is a free app available for Android devices that is used to get your network’s advanced analytics to help you optimize your WiFi network. You can manage and monitor your network and networking devices using the app. This blog post will help you get a deep insight into the app by […]

PS5 Internet Connection Failed with WiFi Extender: Solutions

The Gaming generation or Gen Z is another name for the tech generation. This is because a lot of netizens tend toward various online games. This blog will particularly focus on the users who have installed PS5 gaming consoles in their houses and are unable to connect them to the WiFi network of their respective […]

How to Set Up WiFi Extender via Netgear Installation Assistant?

Looking to install a Netgear WiFi range extender in your home to extend the existing network range? This is not at all a daunting task you know. You can get it done all by yourself without any technical expertise. Netgear Wireless range extender comes installed with an in-built program that helps to complete the installation […]

Netgear M4250 Switch Login Not Working for Setup?

I have bought a Netgear M4250 switch and I am trying to set it up. On the login page, I typed admin as username and left the password field blank. I read in the user manual that when it is first time login, the password field is to be left blank. But when I am […]

Netgear Insight Remote Cloud Management: All You Must Know

Managing your network has never been so simple and easy. Netgear Insight is a cloud-based remote management platform that makes your life so easy with unified and simplified multidevice network management. Netgear Insight helps you to set up devices and manage the network from anywhere using the Insight mobile app or Netgear Insight remote cloud […]

WiFi Extender vs Repeater: Which One is Better

Start counting the number of WiFi gadgets in the technical realm and eons will pass. But, don’t worry! This blog will not discuss all of them. Here, we will particularly shed light on two prominent networking gadgets that are ruling the digital world i.e. WiFi extender and repeater. For your ease, we have differentiated both […]

How to Securely Connect T Mobile 5G with Netgear Extender?

Many users have turned their attention to T Mobile 5G internet. While cable internet is dependent on wired connections, T-MOBILE HOME INTERNET is known to use the power of 5G in order to provide a reliable connectivity in places where wires cannot reach. To explain this further, the 5G network is built on a series […]

Why New Extender Not Connecting to Telstra Modem WiFi?

If you are trying to install a Netgear WiFi extender but can’t connect it to Telstra modem, then you must be wondering what has gone wrong. After all, you have followed the correct steps as mentioned in the user guide. But the Netgear WiFi extender setup seems next to impossible. To help you out with […]

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